Early Bird on Board

Just want to show up some flashing pics... ;)

now... what the heck?!? evil fotographer... :)


smokin' Dan

thinkin' Dan


So much fresh Air

Last sailing weekend just gone by. Have been up in grøsten near sonderbørg. Didn't had a lot wind but it still was a good tour. Only I caught a little cold on the way...

But never the less here's my favorite pics I've taken...


Sailors view

Hey there...
Here are some shots I've taken during my last sailing trip up in Denmark. Hope u like 'em



Here we go sailing. Was a nice weekend though. But soon we have to get the boat out of the water for the colder season! That will be a three day trip to get it to Hamburg... and we never have done it :(

Birthday bash @ Hans Jürgens gaff in Plön

I do had a good time though... had to care 'bout grill and beer. So it wasn't the worst job. Me Lad and I went up to Plön right at the Trammer Lake (Plöner Lake) and it was amazing. They have such a nice little House there, a big backyard with baulk and a little skiff.

Weekend at marina Toft

Last weekend has been good fun. Oililie and me went up north to his folkeboot lying at marina Toft near Grøsten in Denmark. Have been there twice now but already feel as real sailor... ;) check it

season's just started up
the owner